Enterprise Strategy Group Report

Enterprise Strategy Group Report

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Date:07 July 2004
Topics:Enterprise, Strategy

The Enterprise Strategy Group was appointed by the Tánaiste to prepare an enterprise strategy for growth and employment in Ireland up to the year 2015. The Group's report 'Ahead of the Curve, Ireland's Place in the Global Economy' presents an analysis of Ireland's recent and current enterprise performance, reviews international enterprise trends and perspectives and identifies important steps to underpin Ireland's successful transition to a new phase of enterprise development.

Publication Files

The report is broken up into sections due to it's large size.

You can also download the full report below, however, please note the file size is very large.

pdf icon Executive Summary (PDF, 13 pages, 449KB)
Presents the principal challenges to enterprise development in Ireland today, identifies new areas of opportunity and highlights the key actions required to deliver sustainable enterprises and continuing growth in the decade ahead.

pdf icon Chapter 1: Background (PDF, 12 pages, 602KB)
Outlines the economic background to the report including the reasons for past success, the role of public policy and presents an assessment of Ireland's enterprise base.

pdf icon Chapter 2: The Case for Change (PDF, 24 pages, 647KB)
Examines the local and global environment and drivers for change including globalisation, the shift to services, rising costs, demographics, the importance of knowledge, EU policies, environmental issues, infrastructure, and access to finance.

pdf icon Chapter 3: A New Strategic Direction (PDF, 20 pages, 590KB)
Identifies growth opportunities, describes the types of companies that will thrive in the years ahead, outlines changes needed to achieve success, including a 'business network' approach.

pdf icon Chapter 4: Building Competitive Advantage (PDF, 31 pages, 619KB)
Deals with the combination of steps that must be taken to develop and grow enterprise in Ireland by providing competitive advantage in the five areas of: market expertise, technology expertise, skills, education and training, taxation, and effective, agile government. Includes specific recommendations in these areas.

pdf icon Chapter 5: Essential Conditions (PDF, 23 pages, 573KB)
Details the basic requirements for international competitiveness in four areas of: cost, infrastructure, innovation and entrepreneurship and management capability. Recommendations are made in these areas.

pdf icon Chapter 6: The Role of the Enterprise Development Agencies (PDF, 5 pages, 429KB)
Describes the future focus of the development agencies, the need for change in the agencies to meet future enterprise needs and the skills required in these agencies.

pdf icon Chapter 7: Implementation (PDF, 3 pages, 303KB)
Emphasises the actions required of all stakeholders to achieve change required and proposes a mechanism for coordination among Departments and at Government level.

pdf icon Appendices (PDF, 26 pages, 467KB)

pdf icon Press Release: ‘Closeness to customers’ the crucial component for Ireland’s future enterprise success (PDF, 3 pages, 27KB)

pdf icon Press Release: Tánaiste Launches Report of Enterprise Strategy Group (PDF, 9 pages, 64KB)

pdf icon Summary of Recommendations (PDF, 6 pages, 40KB)

You can also download the full report below, however, please note the file size is very large.
pdf icon Enterprise Strategy Group Report - Full Report (PDF, 176 pages, 3,403KB)

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